ABDUL-GAFFAAR-MARWAN-SRC-Finance-officer-hopeful-Team-Heat-Budgeter-copy ABDUL-GAFFAAR-MARWAN-SRC-Finance-officer-hopeful-Team-Heat-BudgeterStudent Election flyer for ABDUL GAFFAAR MARWAN SRC Finance officer hopeful

Leomike Creativity, led by CEO Leo Michael Saviour, has designed an eye-catching election flyer for Abdul Gaffaar Marwan, a student at Accra Technical University who is running for the position of Finance Officer in the Accra Technical University Students’ Representative Council.

The flyer, which showcases Abdul Gaffaar Marwan’s qualifications and campaign promises, was delivered to the candidate within just 24 hours of the initial request. This quick turnaround demonstrates Leomike Creativity’s commitment to providing high-quality design services in a timely manner.

As a student election, the flyer plays a crucial role in attracting voters and promoting Abdul Gaffaar Marwan’s candidacy. The design features a clean layout, eye-catching visuals, and clear messaging that effectively communicates the candidate’s platform and vision for the role.

Leomike Creativity has a proven track record of delivering successful election materials, having previously designed flyers and banners for other candidates in Ghana. The company’s expertise in creating impactful designs that resonate with the target audience is evident in the quality of the work produced for Abdul Gaffaar Marwan.

With the election just around the corner, Abdul Gaffaar Marwan and his team are confident that the Leomike Creativity-designed flyer will give him a strong advantage in the race for the Finance Officer position at Accra Technical University.